Planning to visit Latgale region? Do not miss out on the best sweet buns and other confectionery sweets in the region. Here are some suggestions of small local businesses and ideas on what to see and do around.

LUDZA city

In the heart of Ludza city just beside the Tourism information center, there is a small yet cozy shop “Cymuss. Radeits Latgolā”, which in direct translation from the Latgalian language would mean “A bite. Made in Latgale” (Baznicas street 42, Ludza). Here you can find various local delicacies, including fresh meat and cheese products, local wine&shmakovka as well as sweets made in Ludza city. Visit Ludza Tourism information center to find out more about the nearest attractions in the city.
One of the most famous views of the Ludza city is Ludza Medieval castle ruins, which are currently under reconstruction-preservation, but you can climb on top of the Church mount, which is just beside the castle ruins.
Another must-see place is Ludza craftsmen center, where visitors can learn about Latgalian traditions and view various local craftsmen’s skills in action.


A good place, where to start getting to know Augšdaugava region is the Svente manor-hotel – a beautiful well-equipped hotel with a restaurant and a tasty menu. For nature lovers, a must-see place is the nature park Dviete floodplain –  one of the largest and best-preserved examples of natural river floodplains in Latvia and Europe.
A nice place to rest and to taste local goods is the Guest house “Rudzupuķes”, there is a cafe a well, and a freshly baked bread.

Another place with a fantastic view is camping “Daugavas lokos”, just beside the Daugava river. This camping is a very cozy place, because of the wide recreational offer – SUP boards, canoes, trips with a small boat and a guide, cafe, which offers great burgers and wraps. Closely to the camping site (8-minutes walking) the is a short hiking trail with an amazing view from the top – Slutiski scarp. And an interesting museum about local Old-believers culture and traditions.


If you are looking for local tastes, you should visit a small family bakery “Nekomini” in Daugavpils. It is a very cozy place for long-lasting stops with excellent tea and fresh bakery goods. After lunch, visit Daugavpils fortress with many interesting attractions. First, you can visit Daugavpils Fortress Culture and information center to find out about all of the possibilities. Just a few of the attractions – excursions around the fortress by foot or by electro car, Mark Rothko Art Center, a beautiful antique store, an information center about bats living in the fortress territory, and many others.

Go on the boat trips in the Daugava river with a boat “Sikspārnis” and visit Stropu Lake promenade, which offers various activities.


One of the best places where to start gain knowledge about Latgale and local traditions is Kraslava Craft center, where visitors can attend pottery, weaving, woodworking, and other workshops. By pre-ordering, there is a possibility to taste Latgale culinary heritage dishes. Important to say that the Craft center is located in the territory of the Count Platers castle complex, which also includes a Tourism information center, museum, exhibition halls, one more restaurant, and other activities.
For nature lovers, we suggest visiting the campsite “Upes dižvietas”, where an amazing couple from Germany has their farm and accommodation place four tourists. A beautiful place for walks is Adamova Nature trail, located around 15-min walk from the Castle complex.

AGLONA region

Aglona region has many beautiful lakes and amazing places, where to taste local. We suggest starting with a rich meal in the Aglona bread museum. It offers not only a meal but also an interesting story-telling about Latgalian traditions. If you are looking for more modern places, just recently a burger place opened its doors for visitors – “Terase Egle”.

A must-see place for sure is the Basilica Aglona – one of the main Catholicism centers in Latvia. Not far from Basilica there is Aglona deer garden – a great option, where to get to know everything about the deer lifestyle, but also to feed them and take some fantastic Instagram photos.

For accommodation, we suggest local and cozy places – Glamping “Malvines”, Holiday house “Tuvāk  dabai”, and exclusive accommodation “Bebru ciems”.

PREILI region

Some of the tastiest buns can be found in the local mall “Ūga” (Riga street 4D, Preili) in cafe “Ādamustoba”. We also suggest visiting the Metal art gallery – an amazing place, where all items are created by the gallery owner Aleksandrs. Great coffee and snacks are also available.

A must-see place in Preili is also Count’s Borhs manor and park, which is the largest city park in Latvia, great for walks or guide excursions, which are available in Preili Tourism information center.


A local and regional gem, which offers an amazing culture program – Concert hall GORS. Theater, movies, concerts, excursions and a Cafe “Zids” as well. To get some tasty pizza and also a great bakery, we suggest visiting Cafe “LaPizza”. While those who cannot imagine their day without coffee, are welcome to visit the Coffee shop “KUUP”, by the way, this coffee is made from the best coffee beans in the world here in the Rezekne region. For great walks, we suggest using Rezekne river promenade, which connects Concert hall GORS and the Olympic center. By the way, the Olympic center offers ice skating even in the hottest summer and an amazing open-air swimming pool even in the late Autumn.


RĒZEKNE region


Please keep in mind that these are just some ideas of what to do in the region, visit our site to find out more attractions.