Latvia has four main regions: Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme, and Latgale. The so-called land of blue lakes in the Eastern part of Latvia is Latgale. It may seem like a small area, but actually, this region is known for its rich history, primal nature, and sincere people.

If you are seeking some fresh, charming, and ingenious tourism destination – Latgale is the place for you to go. On a global scale, our land is unique because here for centuries in peace and harmony have lived people of different nationalities, religious denominations, and spoken languages. Latgalian is a long-standing and distinctive language, which in everyday communication can be found only here – in Latgale.

The sincerity of local people is a brand of Latgale region, which goes far beyond geographical borders. If you are planning to visit our region, be ready to stokeup your stomach, because every hostess here will never let you leave the dining table, until you tryout each and every dish and drink, and a request for a second portion, will be the best compliment. Trying culinary heritage dishes is one of the must-haves in Latgale.

Latgale has approximately 1200 lakes, including Lubāns (largest by area) and Rāzna (largest by water volume). Here you will find kilometers of forests untouched by humans, beautiful meadows, and alternating terrains.

Contemporary architecture (concert hall GORS, Mark Rothko art center) is complemented by delicate wooden houses. Here world-class possibilities (Silene Resort and SPA) mingle with thousands of years old traditions (Cukrasāta, Clay Art center). Your eyes will be delighted by the wonders of nature (Nature park “Daugavas loki”, Devil’s lake), but your heart will be filled with joy by the sweetest and most curious animals in contact zoos (Mini zoo Jurita, Rancho Oak home, Deer garden), while your body and soul will reborn during sauna procedures (Wellness), and complete relaxation can be achieved by homemade beer (brewer Dainis Rakstiņš) or shmakovka – local strong drink (Latgolys šmakovka, Šmakovka museum), p.s. be sure to drink responsibly.

Although we can probably say that Latgale will not surprise you with spectacular sightseeing views, it will leave unchangeable warmth in your heart, because of its people and their kindness.

Fill up your lungs with fresh air and dive into the adventures of Latgale!



Latgale region Tourism Association (LRTA) was established in 1993, as the first tourism association in Latvia. Association’s aim is to coordinate joint work in tourism sector all around the Latgale region as well as to promote sustainable tourism sector development. LRTA is a representative of Latgale region tourism offer, the association also cooperates with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and carries out national tourism policy. Currently, LRTA unites all Latgale municipalities, all regional tourism information centers, tourism entrepreneurs, and tourism professionals – altogether 115 members. If you are interested in a collaboration, please reach us through email –