Latgalian hosts will pleasantly surprise hearty eaters and enthusiastic valuers of various yummies made with great care and prepared in small, individual quantities with a diversity of tastes and quality of products. Of course, it is always advisable to apply for a visit in advance.

Local brandy producer Kazanova Moonshine

A tour around the production facility and degustation of products. Guests are offered to be familiarised with the stages of brandy production and to participate in the production process. The owner will tell about the French distillation technologies used himself, show the winemaking process and share his experience acquired at the brandy production.
Saules iela 5, Biķernieki, Augšdaugavas novads, GPS: 55.974157607218224, 26.821533140788382, +371 25 411 240,

Beer Brewery Murza

One of the rare small beer breweries in Latgale. Good beer is on offer – both traditional and something special for those who prefer new tastes. Today 6 types of beer are produced, however, the brewery plans to elaborate on the assortment shortly
“Zaļmuiža”, Murāni, Andrupenes pagasts, Krāslavas novads, +371 28723382,

Farm “Kurmisi”

Guided tours around the farm are on offer: healthy tea tasting, handmade wax candles; an opportunity to buy eco-green teas, mixed herbs for bath and sauna; wax cosmetics preparation masterclasses.
Rakuti, Ūdrīšu pagasts,Krāslavas novads, +371 26538824, +371 29106312,


Andrupene Farmstead

Possibly the tastiest roll with field garlic or garlic butter is a signature product of the Andrupene Farmstead. It is offered as part of a tasting or a substantial Latgalian dinner.
Skolas iela 5, Andrupene, Andrupenes pagasts, Kraslavas novads, +371 26458876,

Hemp Farm “Obelisk Farm

A hemp farm is an amazing place where to familiarise yourself with and get a lot of new information about hemp, try various products containing hemp, learn how to make hemp paper or warm up a house with hemp shive.
“Gulbji”, Obeliškas, Dekšāres pagasts, Rēzeknes novads, LV-4614, +371 25123595,

Eco Farm “Juri”

When visiting the farm, the hospitable couple of farmers will tell their guests about cheesemaking traditions. They will reveal that recipes used to make the cheese here are not only adopted from skillful cheesemakers, and cookbooks written in the Ulmanis era but also invented by themselves. The farmers will serve tea or coffee in cups made by Latgalian pot makers and inevitably offer a wide range of cheese tastes. First, Jani cheese (Midsummer cheese) with caraways or herbs (depending on one’s taste), then soft Mozzarella and fresh Ricotta cheese are valued by real cheese connoisseurs.
Juri, Lubāni, Rušonas pagasts, Preiļu novads, +371 29182355,




Farm “Vilkaci”

Eco farm Vilkaci specializes in the production and sale of eco goods. Their main farming activities include growing plants and berries, vegetables, crops, Cydonia, and black currant. Tastings, masterclasses, homemade marshmallow making, and guided tours around the farm are on offer.
Cepernieki, Stabulnieku pagasts, Preiļu novads, +371 26782991,



Visiting “Organic Products”

Visits are offered to individual travelers, families, and small and large groups. Eco-products – more valuable nutrients and vitamins – healthy lifestyle – well-balanced ecosystem. Candied fruits, teas, and spices. Organic Products family enterprise was awarded the Latgale Tourism Annual Prise 2022 as the Best Tourist Enterprise.
Baznīcas iela 50, Ludza, +371 25499330,




Beermaker Dainis Rakstins [Dainis Rakstiņš]

When visiting the beermaker Dainis Rakstins’s [Dainis Rakstiņš] farm, familiarise yourself with the authentic Latgalian beermaking process, a tradition maintained for centuries. Go for an insightful guided tour and get to know the whole beermaking process. Taste the master’s brewages and buy those to go. Large groups may also apply for soup tasting during the warm season.
Stacijas iela 4, Bērzpils, Bērzpils pagasts, Balvu novads, +371 26452844,




Visiting the distillery “Latgolys Smakovka”

The owner of Smakovka Brewery, Janis [Jānis], offers a guided tour arranged to familiarise visitors with the process of making a traditional Latgalian spirit from natural products in the Malnava village. They also may walk around the Malnava Manor Park with concealed Hitler bunkers and listen to a fascinating tale about the history of the Malnava Manor and smakovka brewing traditions in Malnava from time ancient to nowadays.
Kļavu iela 11, Malnava, Ludzas novads, +371 28321856,