The process of preparing a black sauna is very different from the so-called “white” sauna. In ancient times, the black saunas played an important role – wives came there for childbirth, people also dried hops for beer, and meat. The black sauna was an integral part of a human’s life.

The black sauna is certainly one of the oldest types of saunas. The main difference between the black sauna and the “white” sauna is in the furnace. The technical design of the furnace may vary, but the main difference is that in the black sauna, the furnace does not have a chimney. During the heating process, smoke from the sauna is removed through a window, a door, or a specially created ventilation hatches. As a result of such a furnace, a smoky smell and a certain amount of soot remain in the sauna. Smoke is an excellent disinfectant, and soot is an essential absorbent. That is why the black sauna is considered sterile. Water in such saunas is brought in buckets, hot water is being heated in a bowl located on a stone masonry of the furnace. The black sauna’s heating process is also special, and it can take from four up to ten hours or more, which depends on the size of the furnace and sauna. The choice of firewood is also important – the better the wood will be used, the better the result will be. When the sauna has been already heated, it is important to remove unburned coals and ashes to avoid carbon monoxide. Then the bathhouse should be ventilated, after that, you can go enjoy the bath procedures.

The Latgale regional tourism association has summarized information about the black saunas, where you can enjoy this true relaxation for body and soul!

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