Each of the four regions of Latvia has a distinctive culinary heritage. While visiting Latgale, be aware that arguments like “I’m on a diet” or “I’m not hungry”, will not be taken seriously, because here every hostess will never let you leave the dining table, until you try-out each and every dish and drink, while a request of a second portion, will be the best compliment for the host of a catering service. You are welcome to visit Latgale, and discover a variety of traditional dishes – from various fish dishes and hunted meat, to marvelous desserts and drinks, everything prepared from local and fresh products.

LATGALIAN STYLE PUB “MŌLS” (Latgales iela 22/24, Rēzekne, t. +371 29219335, +371 64625353)
The pub is located in the Rēzekne old-city heart, the interior is furnished in the style of an ancient Latgalian countryside house. Antiquity and coziness grant this place with a special aura. The cook offers traditional Latgalian dishes, served on black ceramics plates. Possibility to take a look, to touch and buy various souvenirs, details for interior, and paintings.  Catering for groups up to 40 persons.

FARM “KURMĪŠI” (Rakuti, Ūdrīšu pagasts, Krāslavas novads, T. +371 29106312; kurmisi@inbox.lv)
Fuming tea mug holds a wonderful ability to improve your mood, but farm “Kurmīši” is a perfect place, where to learn about, taste, and buy various herbal teas. “Kurmīši” offers more than 15 various herbal teas – each herb separately and in various combinations. Teas are good for your immune system and overall well-being of your body. “Kurmīši” also offers special mixes for sauna and bath procedures, aromatic wax candles, and fresh flower waters. Visits upon request.

ANDRUPENE COUNTRYSIDE (Skolas iela 3, Andrupene, Andrupenes pagasts, Dagdas novads, T. +371 26458876)
Andrupene Countryside is a 20th-century building complex, visitors are welcomed to view ancient Latgalian house, built 100 years ago, barn, black sauna, blacksmiths premise and a variety of ancient household items. Groups (from 5 persons) upon request are welcomed to taste freshly baked Andrupene bread, learn how to tresh butter in a traditional way, join for an excursion through the complex, and afterward enjoy tasteful and nourishing lunch. Visits upon request.

HORSE RANCH “KLAJUMI” („Klajumi”, Kaplavas pagasts, Krāslavas novads, +371 29472638; ilze.stabulniece@inbox.lv)
The horse ranch is one of the most popular tourism objects in Kraslava region. An excellent place for active recreation and horse riding lovers. Here visitors have a possibility to taste traditional culinary from home-grown, eco products. Dishes are served on traditional black ceramics plates. Special offer – a variety of game meat. Horse ranch “Klajumi” is the right place to turn off your phone and forget about all of the worries, here the disconnection from the digital environment bring true pleasure and satisfaction. Visits upon request.

DISTILLERY “LATGOLYS SHMAKOVKA” (Kļavu iela 11, Malnava, Kārsavas novads, +371 28321856; latgalessmakovka@gmail.com)
A trip to Latgale region definitely has to include the tasting of a local strong drink – shamkovka (šmakovka, lav.). In Latgale region we have many places, which offers a variety of shmakovka types, but Distillery “Latgolys Shmakovka” is a special place with a unique history, and a charismatic host, which will gladly explain what shmakovka is, how it is made and will let you have a sip of a strong drink. The visit includes excursion trough a distillery, Malnava manor, and tasting of shmakovka. Visits upon request.

LATGALIAN TRADITIONAL MEALS IN LUDZA CRAFTSMAN CENTER (Tālavijas iela 27a, Ludza, Tel. +371 29123749; +371 29467925)
Ludza is the oldest city in Latvia – a small and cozy place with narrow streets, a hundred years old wooden architecture and a significant view from an ancient castle hill. In the Craftsman center, you will have the possibility to view, touch, and learn about various local traditions, as well as try traditional meals. Special offer – fresh or sour cabbage soup with lamb and Ludza porridge. Visits upon request.

BREWER DAINIS RAKSTINS (Stacijas iela 4, Bērzpils, Bērzpils pagasts, Balvu novads, T. +371 26452844)
Dainis is a beer brewer with a long experience, his beer is a popular drink in various festivities all around Latgale region. While visiting brewers place, you will have a possibility to learn about Latgalian beer brewery traditions, brewing process, and of course to taste the beer. Visits upon request.

FISHERMAN INN “ZVEJNIEKI” (“Zvejnieki”, Īdeņa, Nagļu pagasts, Rēzenes novads, T. +371 28301143, +371 29165392)
Fisherman farm is located on the shore of the largest lake in Latvia – Lubans. An excellent place to enjoy human untouched nature, incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hiking trips, and exclusive meals from local Lubana lake fish: fish soup, oven-baked zander, or carp with potatoes, pike and roach meatballs, etc. During duck hunting season – wild duck stew. Visits upon request.

SUMMER TERRACE “PAMPŪKAS” (Daugavpils iela 53a, Preiļi, T. +371 27794042, +371 25867735)
Preili is one of the cities in Latgale region and a definite capital of the cheese, because of the milk processing company. Summer terrace offers possibly the best pancakes in the whole region, whilst if you are looking for something more extraordinary, you are welcomed to try cheddar cheese ice-cream, cheddar cheese soup with hemp seeds, and taste three various cheese types.

REKOVAS WINDMILL (Viļakas novads, Šķilbēnu pagasts, Rekova, Tel. +371 29132664)
Rekovas Windmill is a pearl of the Eastern border of Latvia. Originally mills were built more than a hundred years ago, but after renovation, their doors were once again opened in 2018. Here guests are welcomed to get acquainted with the farming industry at the beginning of Europe (East Latvia), and to taste unusual dishes as boiled pearled grains with green butter, pea burgers, bean cutlets, and pearled grain dessert. Awake your discoverer soul here in the East of Latvia.