We invite travel adventurers to visit the Latgale sightseeing towers – countless beautiful views, great emotions, and time spent actively.

Sightseeing tower in Lazdukalns

The sightseeing tower is located in the Daugavas Loki nature park. There are picturesque views of the Daugava River valley from the top of the 20 meters high tower.
GPS: 55.87179069073977, 26.8632359904728; Vecsalienas pagasts, Augšdaugavas novads. 

Vasargeliski sightseeing tower

Ascending the 21 m high sightseeing tower the visitors may enjoy beautiful sceneries and picturesque meanders of the River Daugava from a bird’s-eye view. On the left Rozališķi meander can be seen in all its glory but on the right – a view depicted on the 10 lat bill, which went out of circulation at the end of 2013.
GPS: 55.91502740887172, 26.815744309507423; Naujenes pagasts, Augšdaugavas novads.


Observation tower of Priedaine

The observation tower in Priedaine is the highest wooden observation tower in Latvia, which reaches a height of 32 meters. From the top of the observation tower, you can see the expanses of forests surrounding the bend of the river Daugava, Krāslava’s wooden houses, and the spires of churches. At the foot of the observation tower, a recreation place is well-equipped.
GPS: 55.892779567820156, 27.146201327264112; Priedaine, Krāslava.




The Great Linden hill (Lielais Liepu kalns)

Currently closed for reconstruction! The Great Linden Hill is the largest in Latgale and the third largest hill in Latvia (289,3 meters above sea level). On top of the hill is build the highest sightseeing tower in Latvia (34 m). Visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Rāzna and its surroundings as well as other lakes.
GPS: 56.2709453838325, 27.65514324815502; Kaunatas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads.



The Cloud Hill (Mākoņkalns)

Mākoņkalns (Cloud Hill), also called Padebešu kalns, is located near Lake Rāzna (249 m above sea level). The relative height of the hill is around 50 meters, it is located in the South-East direction from Rāzna lake. In Medieval times the Volkenberg castle was situated on this hill – the oldest crusader fortress in Lotigolas (now – Latgales) land.
GPS: 56.27970577518966, 27.413260907111354; Mākoņkalna pagasts, Rēzeknes novads.

Nature park “Numernes valnis (embankment)”

The nature park is a NATURA 2000 territory, established in 2004 in order to keep Latvia’s and Europe’s rare and protected species of forest and mire habitats, plant communities, threatened and protected plant and animal species; expressive, visually high-quality landscape and to provide the public with high-quality recreational resources.
GPS: 56.84644140569173, 27.4924211690094; Nūmierņa, Salnavas pagasts, Ludzas novads