The Latgale Tourism Association, in collaboration with regional tourism centers, for the second consecutive year organizes a series of nature hiking and exploration trips called “Latgale Hiking Days”. This year, 10 hikes are planned, with the route primarily leading through one of Latvia’s long-distance hiking routes – Latgale lake hiking trail.

This year, the “Latgale Hiking Days” cycle will begin on May 5th and conclude on October 6th. In total, there are 10 hiking trips planned, primarily along Latvia’s longest marked hiking trail – the “Ezertaka” trail, which spans approximately 1107 kilometers through nature.

The hikes scheduled for 2024 are as follows:

  • May 5th – Rēzeknes novads (municipality)
  • May 26th – Balvu novads (municipality)
  • June 1st – Līvānu novads (municipality)
  • June 15th – Rēzekne City and Rēzeknes novads (municipality)
  • July 14th – Rēzeknes novads (municipality)
  • July 20th – Preiļu novads (municipality)
  • August 10th – Daugavpils City and Augšdaugavas novads (municipality)
  • August 18th – Augšdaugavas novads (municipality)
  • September 28th – Balvu and Ludzas novadi (municipalities)
  • October 6th – Krāslavas novads (municipality).

Registration for the hikes is announced approximately 3 weeks before the hike and is posted on the “Ezertaka” Facebook page. The stages are either circular or transportation is provided from the finish back to the start. Participation in the hikes is free of charge. Typically, each hike is approximately 20-25 kilometers long.

If you have questions about hikes in the Latgale region, please contact us via: