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Opening of the new exhibition season at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center
April 24
The Art center offers to view original paintings by world-famous artist Mark Rothko and an exhibition in his honor. Five large exhibitions dedicated to the opening of the season are held during the year, showing the best creative projects in the art of the region, Latvia and foreign countries.
Address: Mihaila iela 3, Daugavpils, GPS: 55.883851, 26.497561

Mark Rothko center in Daugavpils

Latgale Pottery Days 2020
April 24–25
Open days at potters’ workshops, firing of ceramics in the kiln and opening of the kiln, master classes and at the end – the opening of the central exhibition in the “Barn of culture” of the Lūznava Manor.
Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rēzeknes novads, GPS: 56.357936, 27.260780

Opening of the potter’s kiln (Dagda)



Night of Art
May 16
An interactive, dynamic and bold event dedicated to art and held in the Daugavpils Fortress.
Address: Mihaila iela 3, Daugavpils, GPS: 55.883851, 26.497561

International Cultural Festival
May 23
Artisans, home producers, keepers of culinary heritage from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Masterclasses on culinary heritage dishes, tastings and home-made products.
Address: Pils iela 6, Krāslava, GPS: 55.900030, 27.160191

Opening of the active season in Viļaka
May 23
The event by Lake Viļaka – bike ride, various activities, music, and dances.
Address: Garnizona iela 20, Viļaka, GPS: 57.1888774, 27.6831561

“Great Raft 2020 (boating and rafting on the River Daugava)
May 30
A unique event organized by enthusiasts and supporters of active recreation and water tourism. The route is about 30 km long.
Address: Indrica Catholic church, GPS: 55.848390, 27.324874


Event “Great raft” in Kraslava and Daugavpils region


Church Night event in the Viļaka Roman Catholic Church
May 30

Address: Baznīcas iela 56, Viļaka, Viļakas novads. Tālr. 29522542 (Prāvests Guntars Skutels). GPS: 57.1781277, 27.6809636

Latgale Dance Festival “Lobs ar lobu sasatyka…”
May 30
In the event will participate 70 dance groups of the Latgale region.
Address: On the stage of the Preiļi park, GPS: 56.288726, 26.737145



Festival in NatureTake a walk in the Preiļi park!”
June 6
The opportunity to enjoy various active events, concerts, and performances in the Preiļi park. The end of the event is held on the beach of the Preiļi park.
Address: Preiļi, GPS: 56.288847, 26.727681

3rd International Doll Festival in Daugavpils
June 12–14
Exhibitions, master classes and creative workshops for children and adults, concerts and a doll market.
Address: Rīgas iela 8, Daugavpils, GPS: 55.869246, 26.511777

Large Latgale Market
June 20
Artisans, home producers, farmers, dancers, and singers. Demonstrations of ancient crafts, masterpieces of artisans, fights of ancient Latgalians, songs and dances together with folk groups.
Ludza Castle Hill, GPS: 56.548823, 27.729271

Large Latgalian market in Ludza city

Līgo in Višķi
June 21
Celebration of the summer solstice on the Višķi stage, on the shore of the picturesque Lake Lukna: concerts, party, theater, masterclasses, tastings, sports events, tent city, bathhouses, ferns and other pleasures of the Līgo celebration.
Address: Višķi stage, Daugavpils novads, GPS: 56.063346, 26.770778

Viļaka region feast and the guests’ days in tourist facilities
June 29– July 5
Address: Viļaka region




Day of Travelers in the National Park “Rāzna”
July 11
Exciting excursions, hiking and cycling tours that introduce you to the local nature and cultural and historical significance, the opportunity to visit local producers and artisans.
Address: Rēzekne region, surroundings of Lake Rāzna, GPS: 56.364730, 27.439699

Yacht on Razna lake (special trips and discounts on the Day of Travelers)

Retro Rally of Northern Latgale 14
July 10–12
The event for retro motorcycle lovers and enthusiasts. Possibility to start both individually and as a part of a team. The total daily mileage is approximately 150 km.
c.Tepenīca, Susāju pagasts, Viļakas novads, GPS: 57.2169161, 27.6236109

Day of Rēzekne Region
July 18
Culinary heritage, craftsmen fair, concert of folk art groups. Concert of guest artists – night ball.
Address: Ančupānu valley, Rēzekne region, GPS: 56.536407, 27.304177

6th International Festival of the Military Historical Reconstruction “Dinaburg – 1812”
July 18
Historical reconstruction of the battle, the atmosphere of the 19th century, soldiers from the time of Napoleon and Alexander I, art performances and craftsmen fair.
Address: Daugavpils Fortress, Daugavpils, GPS: 55.884024, 26.496323

Art Picnic
July 19
The Art Picnic is a festival where art lovers and gourmets are invited to come together to experience the moment of creating real art with the help of music, creativity, dance and enjoying tastes.
Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rēzeknes novads, GPS: 56.357936, 27.260780

The Festival of Latgalian Music “Muzykys Skrytuļs”
July 25–26
The motto of the festival remains the same: “You can save up not only money”, so the entrance is free for visitors. A great outdoor event in the middle of the summer.
Address: Līksna manor park, GPS: 55.983246, 26.399255


Latgalian Music festival “Muzykys skrytuļs”


Balvu city festival
July 24-25
Various attractions, open-air concerts, local food and drinks. Baltic championships for jet skis in Balvu lake.
Address: Balvi

Celebration of Anna’s Day in a Cultural And Historical Rural Estate “Vēršukalns”
July 26

Fair of rural products, creative workshops, open-air theater. More information: by phone.: +371 25648877 or e-mail:
Address: c. Svilpova, Susāju pagasts, Viļakas novads, GPS: 57.180246, 27.628142

Rēzekne – 735! Rēzekne City Festival and International Balloon Festival
July 31–August 2
Day and night concerts, culinary heritage workshops, events for families, sports competitions.
Address: Pils iela 17, Rēzekne, GPS: 56.504158, 27.327830



“Theater in the Yard”
August 1
Performances of amateur theaters in different places of the Viļāni region (in the apartment building courtyards, on playgrounds). Performances by folk musicians and capellas will complement the performances.
Address: Viļāni, GPS: 56.550906, 26.924241

White Evening          
August 1
Gentle, mysterious and refined atmosphere of the event. The four-star resort area for one evening turns into an elegant hall for guests with covered tables in the fresh air.
Adress: Skrudalienas pagasts, Daugavpils novads, GPS: 55.721649, 26.787195


White evening in Silene Resort and SPA**** (Daugavpils region)

Preiļi City Festival and the 6th Festival of Author’s Dolls
August 21–23
Creative events, concerts. Several dozen foreign puppet artists who will give master classes and present their works.
Address: Preiļi, GPS: 56.288847, 26.727681

Festival in Upīte
August 21–23
Creative workshops, performances at the Latvian National Theatre and “Dirty Deal Teatro” as well as other events.
Address: Viļakas novads, Šķilbēnu pagasts, Upīte, GPS: 57.026364, 27.675411

“Race of the Strong”
August 29
Overcoming an obstacle course with a length of 5 km in the forest – for those who already feel strong, as well as for those who want to become one!
Address: Baltinavas novads, Svātūnes karjers, GPS: 56.896346, 27.537287

6th Daugavpils District MTB Marathon
August 29      
Address: Sventes pagasts, Daugavpils novads

21st Chamber Music Festival
August 29–30
Brilliant virtuosos of musical instruments, quartets and soloists. Exquisite music and a beautiful acoustic concert hall with a view of Lake Balvi will also give a special mood.
Address: Balvi manor, Balvi, GPS: 57.132301, 27.258046

Event “Music for sunset” on the Balvi lake


Baltic Jazz Festival “Škiuņa džezs” in Lūznava Manor
August 28–29
The opportunity to enjoy the magic of jazz music in Latgale, in the special atmosphere of the Lūznava Manor complex.
Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rēzeknes novads, GPS: 56.357936, 27.260780




European Heritage Days “MŪZdienas” in Lūznava Manor
September 12
Traditionally, the beginning of September is a time of European cultural heritage, when special attention is paid to the diversity of protected monuments, awareness and preservation of values, as well as cultural heritage as a resource for sustainable development.
Address: Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Rēzeknes novads, GPS: 56.357936, 27.260780

Festival “Upītes oubeļdourzs”
September 19
Currently, this is the only festival that annually gathers Latgale writers and musicians, introducing both new names in Latgale culture and inviting anyone interested to get acquainted with Latgale music and literature. A constant tradition of the festival is also the invitation of a special guest.
Address: Viļakas novads, Šķilbēnu pagasts, Upīte, GPS: 57.026364, 27.675411



International Organ Music Festival “ORGANismi”
October 19–25
International festival with a diverse and high-quality concert program of classical music.
Address: Pils iela 4, Rēzekne, GPS: 56.502898, 27.326493

International organ music festival in the concert hall GORS (Rezekne)


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