In the Forest museum you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the forester’s tools, as well as with stuffed animals, animal skins and horns of cloven-hoofed animals, which over 20 years has been collecting and exhibiting the forestry specialist and the owner of the museum Anna Aze. Here you will see such a unique exhibit as flourished pine trunk’s prong found in the Ziguri forests, because as research of forest scientists has shown, this can only be seen once in a thousand years!

Museum of cultural history "Vēršukalns". Here you can forget about the daily routine and stress, try rustic oil, jams together with freshly baked white bread, blood sausage, rustic soup, discover the richness and depth of the souls of the Susaji parish inhabitants, participate in traditional events and Latvian folk fests.

Balvi Regional Museum. Digital, interactive exhibition on cultural heritage of Northern Latgale with the opportunity to visit artisans and workshops.

Rural holiday house "Rūķīši". Preparing a fish soup from local fish, black bath with open Kubla, in the morning - healthy breakfast.

The route can be adjusted according to the interests and needs of each excursion.

Approximate length of the route is 96 km, approximate duration is seven hours (not counting accommodation).

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